The Old Bridge Bar



Is there anything better than a roaring fire?  Well, actually, yes.  We've found live music, copious malt whiskies, local real ale, continental lager, an extensive gantry and a delicious menu greatly enhance a roaring fire.  That's why you'll find them all together, in the same room, in our humble establishment.  Throw in a collection of musical instruments, a library of books and games and a few cocktails, and if you still can't find some level of pleasure here, well, we're not sure you really deserve any.

A jamboree of booths, armchairs, couches and a huge session table, offer the perfect setting whether you're on your tod reading a book, working your charms on that special someone over a glass or two, or enjoying the company of friends in a group.

A favourite pastime during the summer months is to relax in our Speyside beer garden and watch the Ospreys circling above (and then raiding!) the local trout farm.  Or watch the local birdlife and red squirrels visiting our heated smoker's area for their fix of nuts and seeds.